Fiber Front (CTP)

Our ultra light, unbreakable and non-flammable fullform products are completely different from all available materials used on the exterior; the natural stone devolved to an end. At present, we have been doing…

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Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC)

Fiber Glass Reinforced Concrete, also known as Fiber Reinforced Concrete, is a versatile facade prefabricated building material for architects and engineers, known worldwide for various names such as Fiber Concrete…

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Heat-insulated and non-insulated aluminum, 1.6 mm, 1.8 mm and 2 mm aluminum frame systems with varying wall thickness are produced and assembled by our professional teams both indoors and outdoors.

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Floor Coating And Insulation

They are our fullform products, which are solutions against chemical and waterproofing, which is totally different from all existing materials that are used indoors for floor covering; It is used in many places with its stability.

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Our company, which operates in the field of façade covering over 10 years, is the leader company of the sector with its unique architectural line and high technology products. Designed production; we offer turnkey complete solutions to our customers in a wide range of products from production to application. Produced with ISO 9001 quality assurance and used safely in all kinds of indoor and outdoor areas, Fullform brand high technology facade covering products have brought quality, aesthetics and prestige to hundreds of buildings both at home and abroad.
It responds to various architectural styles and requirements for all kinds of spaces.

Together with these technological products and innovations, we have opened a new era in the world in the field of exterior cladding.

100% of their effort, our patents, our products bearing this fullforce is the only product in the world and the undisputed segment in Turkey.


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